Michael's  Rooms  & Apartments
                              T a k i n g  C a r e  o f   Y o u r   H o l i d a y   i n   R e t h y m n o   C r e t e


We are a family run, self-catering accommodation, with studios and apartments. We offer a relaxed and friendly atmosphere in our quiet garden and are only 30 minutes’ a walk along the promenade from the picturesque historic Rethymno.

The beach is 80 metres from us. Nearby are a variety of tavernas, supermarkets, bakeries, car rentals and souvenir shops.

We have been here for just over 25 years, during which we have maintained and improved our accommodation with highest standards and pride, and by now plenty of our guests have been with us for so long, they are our friends.

We welcome you on our web-site, and we look forward to welcoming you in person.

Michael & team